Re-Treat Yourself

Inspire your soul and rejuvenate your spirit

Traveling alone?  Join our organized, scheduled yoga retreats or stay anytime. We can customized your vacation to fit your wants, needs and desires with yoga classes, beach time, peaceful jungle hikes,  horseback riding, spa services, and beautiful sunsets.  They're all at your beck and call. .

Organize & Host a Yoga Group Retreat

Include your Studio, Friends and Family 

Organizing your own group retreat is a great way to 'get away' with friends and family.  It's also economic.  Organize a group of 10 or more and you can stay for free.  You can also bring your own Instructor.

Scheduled Retreats

Which one are you attending?

For your convenience, we have scheduled an exciting Yoga Retreat for March 1st - 5th.  We've planned it all for you;  Twice daily yoga classes, massages, spa services,  beach time, healthy meals prepared by a personal chef, meditation at the spring,  Roaring River cave exploration, drum ceremonies and more. Join us and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.